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Family-owned and operated, Amherst Country Club, Inc. is a proud member of the Souhegan Valley Business Community!  Come experience why we're the best in Southern New Hampshire for public golf and fundraising opportunities.  Follow the links below to learn about each of our fantastic golf holes!


A Hole By Hole Tale Of Progressing Psychological Dismay

Par 4

Black Tees: 320
Blue Tees: 312

White Tees: 274

Gold Tees: 237

Welcome to what may/may not become your worst/best decision of the day/week/month.  Before you begin, please take a second to consider the following: playing golf is supposed to be a pleasant experience.  You're outdoors.  It's a day off; with friends.  You're exercising.  You have nothing to be concerned with: no work, no kids, no responsibilities whatsoever. So...take a breath: if you don't believe in yourself, this is no time to start.  If you think this is (most likely) going to go well, stop thinking that.  If you have expectations (high or low), get rid of them.  Clear your slate and let us begin.  Oh right, and the first hole is a slight dogleg to the left.  Good luck.

Par 5

Black Tees: 517
Blue Tees: 472

White Tees: 455

Gold Tees: 376

This Par 5 is one you will remember forever, not because you're going to play it well, but because you're likely to see the beer cart when you're done playing it.  Chances are, you'll need a beverage.  This long dogleg to the left is accented with a elevated green, which can boast a blind entry shot to the stick.  On a side note: why do we choose to describe the directional components of a golf hole by using the visual of a dog's leg?  Why not a cats leg or a goat leg?  Click HERE if you'd like to petition to end discrimination of the legs of other worldly animals.  

Par 3

Black Tees: 198
Blue Tees: 188

White Tees: 139

Gold Tees: 132

Par 5

Black Tees: 496
Blue Tees: 465

White Tees: 433

Gold Tees: 316

Remember the days when you used to look forward to playing the Par 3 Holes?  That feeling could now be in jeopardy.  Hole #3 requires a long tee shot.  I typically hit driver (since I hit all my clubs the same distance).  The green is crowned a bit, so center-green is where you want to gracefully place the ball.  The only place you'll really want to be, other than the green, is short middle fairway....or back in the bar, but the bar isn't really an option right now.      

The 4th Hole offers you "the best chance you'll ever have to make a birdie (one under par)".  This Par 5 is very reachable with two halfway-decent shots.  Out of Bounds left, but there's absolutely no excuse to hit it over there since there is an endless amount of open land to the right.  Bunker on left side of green will destroy your confidence, and passing traffic will see you in it, which will lower your self esteem.  Hit the ball to the middle of the enormous green, and putt the ball into its home.  It's just that easy; I'm not sure why you just aren't doing what I'm telling you to do.  


PS - If you arrive at PJ Currier Lumber at any time, you've gone too far. 

Par 4

Black Tees: 400
Blue Tees: 374

White Tees: 353

Gold Tees: 260

This is the 5th Hole.  Elevated tee box; relatively straight hole, with slight right bend and green side bunker.  Green is enormous but has varying degrees of undulation. 


Wow....I made it through that one without any wise cracks about the inefficiencies of your golf swing or negative remarks about how poorly you're probably playing up to this point.  Go me!  

Par 4

Black Tees: 355
Blue Tees: 340

White Tees: 322

Gold Tees: 244

The 6th Hole is a straight-away, "give-it-all-you've-got, who-ate-all-the-Beeferoni?"-type of hole.  Long and straight will put you in perfect position for a short iron into this large, two-tiered green.  Beware of the the sharp drop off behind the green: hitting long will be devastating to your appetite, unless you're a vegan, which means you probably weren't into the idea of eating Beeferoni from a can anyway.

Par 3

Black Tees: 187
Blue Tees: 183

White Tees: 165

Gold Tees: 120

Having fun yet?  Remember: YOU decided to partake in this recreational pastime. This was all YOUR idea, so please stop making us feel guilty.  All we did was build the railroad; you're the one who decided to hop on and crash the train.  Just sayin'.

The Par 3, Hole #7 has a bunker left and out-of-bounds right.  Keep it simple and in the middle.  Depending on what kind of mood this morning's pin-setter was in; that could dictate what kind of mood you'll be in on your way to the 8th tee.

Par 4

Black Tees: 414
Blue Tees: 383

White Tees: 361

Gold Tees: 285

I have NO advice for you on this hole other than this:

1)  Be happy with a two putt.

2)  Be really happy with bogey.

3)  Lower your overall expectations (and be happy about it).

Par 4

Black Tees: 374
Blue Tees: 363

White Tees: 302

Gold Tees: 245

Hello Hole #9.  Take a moment to introduce yourself.  Get to know

Hole # 9's surroundings.  What makes it special?  Maybe it's the left-side fairway bunker?  Perhaps it's the two green-front bunkers, or the barely-noticeable tree in the middle of the fairway.  Either way, don't be upset with what Hole #9 has to offer to the golfing world.   It's just doing its job: being Hole #9 at Amherst Country Club.     

HOLE #10
Par 4

Black Tees: 373
Blue Tees: 345

White Tees: 323

Gold Tees: 269

This Par 4 is tolerable, especially if you don't let your score on the front nine get the best of you.  This hole represents a new beginning for you and your group: YOU now have a chance to save whatever friendship is left between you and your playing partners.  A slight dog left to the right, with a green side bunker on the left, a straight tee shot will leave no more than 150 yards to the green.  Two putt for par and you'll be able to, once again, make eye contact with other members of your party.  

HOLE #11
Par 4

Black Tees: 271
Blue Tees: 255

White Tees: 236

Gold Tees: 177

This short Par 4 has a drivable green, but Mr./Mrs. Macho BEWARE: being so close to the road increases the likelihood of some maniac honking his car horn in your back swing.  "Lawrence", the green side bunker is appropriately-named because he's not somewhere you're going to enjoy being, and once you're there, you'll wonder if the risk was worth the reward.  The large green is relatively flat, and offers a make-able chance for Eagle or Birdie (or Double).

HOLE #12
Par 4

Black Tees: 379
Blue Tees: 369

White Tees: 355

Gold Tees: 286

This hole is total hell for most.  Whatever wind you have in your sails is about to be depleted, therefore plummeting your confidence back to Planet Earth. Out of bounds to the left of me; woods to the right, and here I am....stuck in the middle with you (if I'm lucky).  If you are able to keep the ball in the middle, your (sometimes-blind) approach into the green will produce some feelings of potential success.  If not in the middle, be ready to ask for a mulligan.  Play it cool and be happy with a par or bogey, and just know, you can't have everything.   

HOLE #13
Par 3

Black Tees: 150
Blue Tees: 135

White Tees: 119

Gold Tees: 113

I've never actually played this hole.  Let me know how it goes: chad@playamherst.com.

HOLE #14
Par 5

Black Tees: 501
Blue Tees: 436

White Tees: 426

Gold Tees: 334

Built in 1774 by Sir Henry Fitzwiggin, the pioneer of a courageous exploration brigade; this golf hole is truly the last of its kind.  Sir Henry believed golf should be done near water, surrounded by woodlands: set against the-nearly impossible-odds of human ability and realistic achievements.  In 1775, Sir Fitzwiggin tried using course obstacles that implemented fire and deadly animals, but the idea failed when he entered a known wildlife habitat and was eaten by a Willard-Steamship Bear. That very same habitat is now marked as Audubon-Protected, in his memory.  Basically, don't go in there..

HOLE #15
Par 3

Black Tees: 145
Blue Tees: 135

White Tees: 119

Gold Tees: 113

Hole #15 is our way of saying "thank you for playing".  We developed this hole to keep your spirits up, and also for you to fall back in love with the game YOU decided would be a good idea to play.  Straightaway Par 3, with a very large green; very few obstacles stand in your way of success.  All you really have to worry about is The Souhegan River, the large steel bridge, trees right, trees left, Route 122, and the mental anguish that has gotten you this far.  You'll be fine.   

HOLE #16
Par 4

Black Tees: 416
Blue Tees: 390

White Tees: 329

Gold Tees: 270

Welcome to your 16th opportunity to make one par today.  This Par 4, over the river, and around the woods, leaves you eyeing Grandmother's house from about 175 yards away.  The two-tiered green is protected by a bunker on the right.  Your putting will be on display for everyone in the nearby parking lot, so try to get your approach shot close enough to "guarantee" a gimmie.  If a gimmie isn't awarded, hit it closer next time (or find new people to play with who will cut you some slack).    

HOLE #17
Par 4
Black Tees: 431
Blue Tees: 399

White Tees: 371

Gold Tees: 284

You're just one golf hole away from your grand finale, and this is no time for you to get fatigued or cranky.  Hole #17 can be deceptively deceiving, especially if you try to get fancy.  You'll want a tee shot that leans a little more toward the middle/left side of the fairway (to take trees out of play for your approach shot).  Once you make it to the green, putt well, because if there is any chance of you recovering your dignity, this is probably the LAST chance (because you're going to hate the last hole).

HOLE #18
Par 5
Black Tees: 535 
Blue Tees: 508

White Tees: 436

Gold Tees: 385

This is it.  In anywhere from 15-25 minutes (depending on how you play this last hole), you'll be recording your final digit in the tiny box on your scorecard (assuming you've kept it).  The 18th Hole is a wonderful Par 5, with Out of Bounds on the left and Audubon Protected Areas on the right.  A short drive, center-fairway will play safe and allow for two manageable approach shots.  Bunker left of the green is about as fun as conjunctivitis on a hot summer's day, so steer clear.  

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